Wednesday, May 23, 2007

they would forever remain here

by Akemi in the enthusiasm of zakhlopala in ladoshi, vidya of two friends, who rushed racing on the high grass, leaving after themselves the cloud of dust.
to Posle of By akemi of pogrustnela. It learned, that Takedzo and To matakhati they be going to itself into the village, and indeed with them it was so good, thus it would like it so that .
Durochka,scolded its mother,found about which to be sad.
Oko colored face so thoroughly as always, and, reporting daughter, at the same time into the mirror it controlled Takedzo. It caught its view and suddenly recalled the agitating aroma of its hair, when it arrived at it into the room last night.
to Matakhati removed from the shelf the large jug of sake and, after sitting next to Takedzo, it began to fill vodka into the bottle for the preheating, as if it was the owner of house. They decided to get drunk, since this was their last night together. Today eye especially thoroughly it smartened up.
however, Vyp'em everything to kapli! it stated ona. not to leave to rats.
Ili to worms,it caught To matakhati.



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