Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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Glukhaya shooting after dver'mi of the main entrance of umolkla, but to break door again did not begin. Either there all they smashed or rebels became known that there is no initiator here already. In any event Sart understood, which to be in control center is very dangerous. After throwing last view on the red point of the flying fleet, Sart left into the cobweb of corridors, being oriented along the map of communicator.
Plan of actions was added in flight. By point first stood the task of finding the corpse of infantryman, it is compulsory from the second platoon. Minutes ten it turned on the corridors, approaching a main entrance into the control center. It heard, that the shooting went from the infantry lasers, and that grenade did not use. It means, bronekostyumy and equipment for those be killeden must find in the relative soundness.
Sart in the indecision stood in one turning from the purpose. It was very quiet and this a little made nervous. Finally, it was decided and rapidly it looked. Several bodies lay on the floor. Unfortunately, majority of them to Sart did not approach.
Bronezhilety proved to be covered with deep sections with the fused edges. One of the corpses was cut practically in half.
Sart of khmyknul, easily was learned Gauguin's "handwriting". It is interesting, where it itself? To the calls in the communicator ancient did not answer.



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